Farm-To-Table Tours For Seniors in New Zealand

New Zealand is famed for its breathtaking natural landscapes, from volcanic valleys to glaciers – travelers come here from all corners of the globe for a trip.

Discover Mount Cook National Park to witness its jagged mountains scraping against an incomprehensibly blue sky, or cruise Milford Sound and marvel at its otherworldly beauty – but there’s more enchanting experiences awaiting discovery in New Zealand – check out the Farm Tours available and you will surely be charmed.

1. Taste the Local Flavors

New Zealand is well-renowned for its natural beauty. From Rotorua’s geysers to the Southern Alps, its two main islands will take your breath away with breathtaking landscapes that range from Rotorua’s geysers and geothermal pools to its abundant wilderness, adventure opportunities, and vibrant culture – New Zealand will offer an experience like none other.

No doubt about it: the cuisine here is incredible. Take a New Zealand wine tour to sample some of its finest Pinot Noirs and Sauvignon Blancs; or indulge in farm-produced cheeses created across the country. Perhaps even find yourself dining inside one of its oldest vineyards while listening to its fascinating history!

Don’t pass up an opportunity to try New Zealand’s delicious lamb dishes. Although available worldwide, nothing beats New Zealand for perfectly prepared chops or succulent ribs!

Senior travelers looking for the ultimate experience should head off to New Zealand. Here, they can savor every bite and sip, meeting everyone from local farmers to charming tour guides – it will surely become one of their favorite trips ever! Before booking though, be sure to consult your insurance provider and confirm whether such trips are covered under their policies.

2. Learn About the Farm

Skiing, hiking, rafting and bungee jumping are among many activities enjoyed in this mountainous country of glaciers, volcanoes, hot springs, lakes and mountain ranges.

New Zealand boasts an abundance of agricultural culture, with farms and farm stays providing visitors an authentic glimpse into its natural wonders. At Gritt’s for example, you can experience all this while dining on gourmet steak or chicken dishes, seasonal grilled vegetables and fruit for dessert before going on a farm tour to see how your food was grown and raised!

Discover how coffee is grown and harvested when visiting Kona Coffee, sip some wine at Gibbston Valley Winery – one of the region’s founding vineyards – or get up close and personal with farmyard animals at Walter Peak near Lake Tekapo before enjoying a traditional hangi dinner at Walter Peak Lodge near Lake Tekapo. Also, learn about Maori culture and history at Te Puia Rotorua where Pohutu Geyser will erupt, among other natural phenomenon.

3. Meet the Farmers

New Zealand is home to stunning and diverse landscapes, from the lush rainforest of the Bay of Islands to geysers and thermal springs in Rotorua. Admire spectacular views from Franz Josef Glacier before relaxing your feet in natural hot pools in Queenstown’s “Adventure Capital of the World.”

Take part in an unforgettable barbecue lunch hosted by a retired champion jockey at his farm or visit Pearl Sea Farm and learn how they cultivate blue pearls on an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour – Insight Vacations offers these exclusive experiences so our guests have an unforgettable vacation in Aotearoa!

Tourism is crucial to our farmers, so it’s vital that you support them by visiting local markets and restaurants, volunteering at community events like Auckland’s Food & Wine Show in March or taking part in any number of community initiatives like it.

Learn about New Zealand culture and history by taking a guided tour at Te Papa: Museum of New Zealand or immerse yourself in New Zealand national identity at National Library of New Zealand. In addition, climate change may impact people’s health as well as agriculture industries – for instance by making it easier for mosquitoes to carry tropical diseases into our nation.

4. Learn a New Thing

No matter your age, travel can still be enjoyable at any stage in life. As seniors often have more free time and more resources available to them than when they were younger, now is an excellent opportunity for seniors to expand their world and explore new experiences.

New Zealand can offer visitors seeking to learn a new skill on holiday the perfect opportunity. Take part in cooking classes where you will make paddock-to-plate cuisine at Hapuku Kitchen(opens in new window), or enroll in Chelsea Bay Edmonds Baking School and make signature desserts like pavlova or sponge cake! Or visit Pearl Sea Farm(opens in new window) to discover how blue pearls are produced, then enjoy a three-course meal at their restaurant!

Many New Zealand farms respect and offer opportunities to migrant workers and older adults to work on dairy farms. Big Island Farm Sanctuary in Naalehu welcomes older adults interested in providing care to animals they rescue from abuse or neglect during private tours of its sanctuary, with each tour giving an in-depth history lesson of both its residents and founder as well as dedicated volunteer teams working together on creating an animal sanctuary with heart.