Farm Tours for Seniors in New Zealand

Since over three decades, we have specialized in tours and travel for farmers and those with rural interests. Our escorted tour packages feature comfortable accommodation, delicious meals and enjoyable activities.

Revel in New Zealand’s scenic wonders on a guided tour. From volcanic hot springs and immense fjords, luxurious vineyards, Maori culture, and relaxing hot springs you will experience it all – truly an experience like no other!

1. Mount Cook Lavender Farm

New Zealand, also known as the Land of the Long White Cloud, boasts some amazing natural landscapes. From towering glacier-capped mountains to lakes that defy Instagram filters, New Zealand offers something spectacular for nature enthusiasts of all kinds. To fully experience its splendor, head for New Zealand’s alpine regions where there are various activities designed to showcase this breathtaking terrain.

Mount Cook Lavender Farm on New Zealand’s southern island provides visitors with an opportunity to appreciate nature in all its splendor. Stroll through lavender fields while visiting its cafe serving tasty lavender-themed food such as delicious lavender ice cream.

Visit this attraction during lavender season when its flowers are in full bloom and enjoy its beauty! There is also a small shop selling lavender products such as essential oils, tea and massage rubs.

Lake District visitors often enjoy exploring the iconic Hobbiton movie set by bus ride through scenic countryside to The Shire’s Rest and walking with a guide around this filming location, getting to see intricate sets, hear behind-the-scenes stories from movie production and learn about surrounding lakes and mountains from your guide.

2. Real Country Farm

Experience New Zealand’s breathtaking landscapes on this adventure tour that includes jet boating along the Waimakariri River and visiting Mt Torlesse High Country Station; as well as taking in scenic tours of Canterbury high country and travelling back via TranzAlpine train back to Christchurch. Available from Hanmer Springs, this tour is an excellent way for senior travellers to make the most of their visit to New Zealand.

Braemar Station, situated in New Zealand’s Mackenzie Country region on the South Island, provides visitors with an authentic taste of rural New Zealand life. Owned by the MacKenzie family for decades and boasting several noteworthy heritage buildings as well as a vast art collection, Braemar Station gives visitors an immersive experience into rural living in New Zealand.

This farm has implemented various sustainable land management practices, such as erosion reduction and carbon sequestration. Furthermore, they have devised numerous landscape management plans designed to promote biodiversity and water quality improvements.

Touring New Zealand allows you to relax and take advantage of your stay without being concerned with driving on the other side of the road, plus enjoy some tasty New Zealand wines! If this interests you, please get in touch with us so that we can discuss available tours.

3. Waitomo Caves

Waitomo’s limestone landscape forms an underground world filled with twisting passageways, sculpted rock formations, whirlpools and an ever-flowing waterfall. Waitomo caverns also host luminescent glowworms unique to New Zealand – one of its many spectacular attractions that draw visitors here each year. These subterranean marvels rank among New Zealand’s premier attractions and form a highlight for many visiting its region.

Waitomo cave glow-worms use bioluminescent lure to attract insects with their bioluminescent light source, emitting low-level illumination that draws insects in, lighting their flight paths and making the glow-worms easily identifiable in their flight paths. As such, glow-worm tours are available throughout the year; however, their best time of sighting occurs during winter through spring (November to April).

Visitors to Glowworm Caves during this season can take advantage of discounted multi-cave combo rates; though these soaring Ruakuri and Aranui caves may not be as well known, their majestic caves make them well worth visiting nonetheless.

Glow-worm experience tours offer various tour options, from walking tours and gondola rides through cave rivers, to touching stalactites, stalagmites, and helictites that may cause chemical reactions with skin. Please remember that touching any limestone formations may damage their structural integrity or even result in chemical reactions with skin cells causing allergic reactions or chemical burns.

4. Cambridge Farm

New Zealand may be known for its bustling cities and world-class dining scene, but rural tourism also plays an integral part of Kiwi rural life. Cambridge in Waikato region provides visitors with an ideal chance to sample Kiwi country life on one of Cambridge’s many farm tours; one option in particular offers visitors a slice of Kiwi rural life by following milk from pasture to factory via dairy farm tours; learn about breeding deer for market via Cambridge Deer Stud Tour or discover how this town’s famed thoroughbred nursery helped shape New Zealand racing through Waikato Thoroughbred Stud Tour!

Experience the essence of New Zealand at Cambridge Farmers’ Market with its year-round outdoor market offering fresh produce from Waikato’s farmlands, producers and growers while creating unique connections between customers and vendors.

Experience adrenaline pumping activity on Lake Karapiro by jet boating for 45 minutes with Camjet! Their experienced guides ensure a safe and exciting ride along the Waikato River past native bush and wetlands that host many species of birds.